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About Tom

Photography isn't just a job. It's not only a passion. It's ART! Every angle, every ray of light, every smile; when it all comes together, something truly special is born. More than a memory, it's a testament to a cherished time that can draw awe, and sometimes tears – even in those who weren't there when it happened. That's what I strive for. To make people feel something is one of the greatest honors a photographer could hope to receive. 

The industry today doesn't always operate this way. Far too many put in the bare minimum for their clients, often foregoing off-camera flash (a must for any serious portraiture) and applying only a quick washed-out filter in their photo editing software to save time. Some even outsource their editing! 


I could never be like them! Working with clients to understand the kind of look and feel they want, and then pouring over each and every shot until that goal is realized is how I do business. Truly, it's the key to my success. ​

I specialize in weddings, events (both corporate and social), portraits, and sports. Although, my true passion is in landscapes, which you can find on my store page and on instagram. 

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