I wish I could say I took this photo in the wild (or maybe I don't!). This cat finds its home at the wonderful OKC Zoo, an organization dedicated to keeping the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger population alive and thriving.


Available in multiple sizes and print surfaces. Additional printing options and framing available. Please contact us for more information and pricing on options not listed on this page. Please note that due to the aspect ratio of this image, non-listed print options may require slight cropping.


Metal prints offer incredible durability and a frameless, modern design that appears to float away from your wall. Its stunningly rich colors and incredible contrast, combined with its light weight and relative affordability, make it one of the world's most popular printing options for professional work. High-gloss is the preferred choice for its punchier contrast, however satin is often used in spaces with direct sunlight for its ability to cut down on glare.

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